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European Mounts

Antelope & Deer $150
Elk & Big Horn Sheep $200
Bear & Mountain Lion $150
Coyote, Bobcat, Fox & Badger $75
Moose, Buffalo & Cattle $275
-European Prices Include Sales Tax-

Take it home nice and white, or add a finish for $45. 
Options include swirl dipped (up to three colors of your choosing) or silver sparkle.
See finish example photos under the slideshow below.

Wooden wall plaques/displays are available in single or multiple display (make room for next year's addition).  Plaques/Displays come with standard skull hangers.  

We are happy to pick up and drop off within 30 miles of Laramie, WY for free. You must do all travel beyond that radius, at your cost. 

We do not ship heads or plaques/displays, and we are not equipped to accept animals in velvet.

We highly recommend Skull Bracket for your mounting bracket needs!

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